By Parker Langlois | November - December 2018

Materials /  / Bent steel or bent steel and acrylic.

Materials / / Bent steel or bent steel and acrylic.

Created as part of a series of conceptual fixtures and furniture for a yacht, this project was shelved for a over a year before I took the styling seriously. This work is an evolution from that original drawing as I believed the concept had merit. The stairs could potentially still work for marine enjoyment, however it is likely that such a concept may find its way into homes or museums instead.

I usually reference existing fixtures for pre-testing structural validation:

At this stage, it is difficult to determine how much weight such a staircase can handle. My other concern is the stability of the walled ribs which support the handrail. Depending on the thickness of steel, I would hate for this staircase to needlessly wobble when people use it. In this regard, I create what I can, knowing in the back of my mind, what kind of problems I should expect if things are not tested properly.

Colour and finish variations.